How to Prepare Your Business to Open After Quarantine

By Kate Williams

As the world continues to struggle with the spread of COVID-19, small businesses are being forced to adapt to unprecedented challenges. Many small businesses have done what they can to serve their community during the quarantine and are looking towards the future when they can resume business in a normal manner. However, because of the difficult time we are in now, business may not be able to return to normal immediately. That is why you should implement some business strategies now.

Keep Your Community Updated

Keep your clients or customers informed of what your business is up to during the quarantine. Maintaining the relationships that you have built since your business has been open and operational is important. In your e-newsletters, include updates and reminders about the products or services your business is offering during quarantine and let people know they can continue to contact you if they have questions or need assistance.

Posting on your business social media channels will also keep people updated and give your community an opportunity to like your posts and share your business with others who may be interested in the products or services you can offer. If you don’t already have social media sites for your company, now is the perfect time to create them!

When you post on social media sites, consider sprinkling a little humor or encouragement into your posts to make viewers smile. Adding personality to your posts or updates will help your followers connect your business with positivity during this stressful period of time.

Promotion Planning

Work on planning promotions and incentives. Emailing and posting coupons or promotional deals that highlight your products or services during quarantine will bring attention to your company and encourage business to continue.

Reflect On The Mission And Values Of Your Company

You may also want to consider reflecting on the mission and values of your business during quarantine. Do you have a clear idea of the mission and values that drive your business or do you need to consider these? Communicating these values to employees and customers through social media channels and your website is another way to stay connected during this challenging time.

Evaluate Your Employees

With the downturn in the economy, you might need to evaluate which of your employees are essential and which ones are not. This is a good time to retain those employees who represent the mission and values of your business.

If you do have to lay off employees out of necessity and still need help to keep your business running, you can enlist the help of available friends and family until you have enough revenue to hire the additional employees you need.

Get Your Content Strategy in Order

We may be biased, but we think that now is the perfect time to work on your content strategy. Take some time to write all those blog posts, eBooks, and emails that you’ve bee meaning to get to but just haven’t had the time to focus on. (And if you need some help, we can point you in the right direction!)

Your business may take some time to bounce back after the quarantine is lifted. Maintaining communications with your clients and customers, promotion planning, evaluating your business and securing small business loans are all things you can be doing to help your business continue during quarantine and thrive during economic recovery. If you’re ready to get to work on your content strategy, contact us today!

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